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Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Shimazaki Nobunaga


Tatsu answering what he would do if one day he were to wake up as a cat and what kind of cat he would be, in cat (so..nyanyas xD) because there was a part like that in the event special drama. 

(Please pay attention to Zakki while Tatsu answers ww)

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Hirakawa Daisuke
03 ......いいだろ?


You… you said that you are not afraid of me, right?

I’m happy… to hear that.

It’s true.

*Kissing sound*


I won’t let you go.

If you are not afraid… it’s okay, right?

You eyes… close it.

You… even your ears is red.

*Lick and kiss*

Do you want me to stop?

*More kissing sound*

Well… I won’t stop though.

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Twinkle Blossom

milky chain’s upcoming series features, as you might have guessed, an idol group concept! This series is  R-18!

Volume 1 features the center figure of popular idol group “Star Plants”, Ouse Kouki. Other than idol group activities he also does drama-related work. Many fans are crazy for his oresama and do-S appearance, and Kouki knows it and exaggerates his character as fanservice. It turns out that his oresama personality is just an act, and he actually resembles a large, friendly dog. In the CD, you and Kouki were classmates and childhood friends. At the time, you were bullied because of your friendship with Kouki and as a result you tried to avoid Kouki as much as possible. But Kouki knew nothing, and during your highschool days he confessed to you thrice. Despite the fact that you keep turning him down, he shows no signs of giving up. However, because of security problems Kouki had to move away, and since then the chances of meeting each other have disappeared. Yet one day, you happen to meet him on the streets…

CV: 櫻井真人 (Fukushima Jun)
Date of release: 3 September 2014
Preorder: Animate Online

Vol. 2 features Sonoda Natsume, the youngest in the group. He does CMs and variety shows other than idol group activities, and his CMs are generally geared towards a female audience (for items like shampoo and sweets). Because he has a soft aura about him that makes one want to protect him, he is popular with the mature ladies. In truth though, he is the member with the worst personality in the group. In this CD, you become Natsume’s manager. Contrary to his sweet appearance, he says selfish things to you, but gradually he begins to tell you of his past…

CV: 加藤一樹 (Ishii Kazutaka)
Date of release: 1 October 2014
Preorder: Animate Online

Vol. 3 features the oldest member, Tsubaki Kogorou. Other than idol group activities, he models and does film-related work. Although fans love him for his mysterious aura, he is actually unfriendly and dark, and it is always hard to tell what he is thinking. While he originally wanted to be an actor, he was chosen to be an idol because of his looks, and even now he still thinks of quitting his idol job. Most of the time his name gets taken for a stage name, but it is his real name. In this CD, you are an actress who is rising in popularity at the moment, and you are to work with Kogorou… and you have to act out a love scene with him. However because Kogorou is completely impassive about it and you have no experience with such things as well, the scene is almost impossible to do. And so you end up asking Kogorou to be your teacher. The two of you grow closer, but you become the scoop of weekly magazines… 

CV: ルネッサンス山田 (Maeda Takeshi)
Date of release: 5 November 2014
Preorder: Animate Online

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cv. 木村良平 Kimura Ryohei
Teikoku Star -- v4 Fuji voice sample #3


Fuji’s デレ sample!   (´ε` )❤



Pardon me, I might not be able to contain it anymore.

Will you forgive me?

I want to feel you more intensely.

To experience everything about you, I think. ……You’re the one person…… truly. [kisses]

…… That I want.

All of you…… [kisses]

Heh, are you surprised……? But then, it’s the same for me.

Inside me…… I’ve been so shaken by this, that I still had such feelings……

[kisses—-MOTTO kissing]

I hope…… you’re also feeling the same as me?